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  • Rachel Steele - Mother's Attention (FullHD)

    Автор: Weenzer от 2 августа 2020
    Rachel Steele - Mother's Attention (FullHD)

    Rachel, a single mother, had her hands full with her 70 hour a week plus executive job, her home, social events and her honor role student Michael. The long day was just about over when the dean of Michael's school phoned. He informed Rachel that Michael had been absent for over a month. Rachel flew home to confront her son. Michael came in drunk and belligerent. Rachel tried to reason with him but he only became more aggressive with her. He pulled at her dress lifting it up exposing her shiny panty hose and her bare crotch. This excited Michael, and he was feeling abandoned due to her hours away from home and from him. Michael wanted more attention than his mother could give. Rachel pushed him back as he tried to kiss her; he groped at her pussy and her tits. Rachel secretly got wet; it had been years since she had a man touch her. She demanded he go to bed to sleep it off. Rachel went to check on him and found him stroking his cock speaking about her. She was still wet and slid down the wall reaching inside her panty hose her masturbating to her son’s fantasy and her's. Morning came as Rachel poured her coffee, worried about last night. Michael came in and apologized, and offered to take her to lunch and the zoo. Rachel and Michael had a glorious day, and they bonded closer. On their return, Rachel sat him down to remind him what happened, and unexpectedly her story of the events turned him on. Michael couldn’t lie any more as he touched her, and caressed her. Rachel didn’t stop him, looking deep into her eyes. Michael was sober and he knew she wanted him. He made his move, sliding his hand down her cum soaked lace panties. Rachel moaned but looked confused. Michael moved in for the kiss, and they soon embraced. Rachel let all her concern go and welcomed his passion. They fell to the fur rug, tearing at each other clothes until their naked bodies were pressed up against each other. He entered his mother’s tight pussy, and soon he exploded. Rachel was covered in his sperm; he slid back in her and fucked her till she came hard. They collapsed in each other’s arms. Rachel begged him to go back to school as now he knew he had the best attention a mother could give.

    Year: 2020
    Genre: All Sex, Milf, Mature, Big Tits, Old/young, Incest, Taboo Roleplay, Mother Son, Blowjob, Hardcore, Family
    Duration: 00:37:31

    Format: AVI
    Quality: FullHD
    Video: VC-1 1920x1080 29.970 FPS
    Audio: WMA 44.1 kHz 44.2 kb/s 2 channels
    Size: 919 MB

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